Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2005 Golden Harvest at Nelson Ledges

October 18, 2005: Warren, Ohio – The time has come for the final race event of the year for Team MatherMotorsport. Nelson Ledges Raceway is one of, if not the, fastest two-mile road course in the United States. Average speeds for a SpecMiata are upwards of 91 mph, and that includes a slow, 40 mph second gear corner.

Having done well at Nelson Ledges last year, Mather was looking forward to a great weekend of racing.

Saturday started off with some good news. Since there were so many SpecMiatas in attendance, they would have their own race. This meant that there would not be out of class cars to contend with or get in the way. Qualifying went very well, with Mather dropping over two seconds per lap from his previous best times. He qualified fourth out of 26 SpecMiatas. The start of the race was very tight and Mather maintained his position through the first lap. For the first half of the race, he was right on the back bumper of the second and third place cars, even helping with a little bump drafting on the main straight. As the fuel load lightened, however, the handling of the car started to suffer. Mather was able to keep the second and third place cars in sight, and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness scored a fourth place finish. Mather was also the highest placing car on Toyo Tires, and received first place points for the SMART Series (www.smart-series.com).

Sunday’s weather was quite a bit colder than Saturday, meaning changes to tire pressures and some spring adjustments were in order for qualifying. When Mather got out on track, the car felt better. But due to a large number of caution flags, Mather was unable to get a fast lap in and qualified in eighth position of 25 cars. The race went much better. Right at the green flag, Mather was able to gain one position and was battling for sixth going into turn one. By turn four, Mather made a pass on the outside of the turn to capture sixth. He was now right on the back bumper of his next victim. About half way through the race, Dave Watts, running in fourth, bobbled going into turn four. The fifth place Miata got by Watts, and Mather was then on the outside of Watts going into turn four. He was able to make the pass on the outside of the turn and pull away going into the Carousel turn. With four laps to go, Mather was able to get an excellent run out of turn 13 on to the front straight behind the #49 car. He was able to dive past under braking going into turn one with the car drifting on the edge of traction. Once in fourth place, Mather was careful not to make any mistakes and guided the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata to the finish line. Once again, Mather received first place SMART points for being the highest placed Toyo tired SpecMiata.

Thanks to Ben L. for crewing throughout the weekend and to Cory B. for being available by phone to help guide the suspension adjustments.

Special thanks to CG-Lock (www.cg-lock.com) for all of their support this season. If you want the support of a harness without the hassle, put a CG-Lock in your street vehicle today!

Also, a big thank you goes to Total Fitness Personal Training. With their training routines and guidance, Mather was able to stay in peak physical condition throughout the year. This winter Mather will continue to train with Total Fitness to maintain and improve his fitness level so he is ready for battle next season.

Phil Mather is putting the final touches on sponsorship proposals and will be recruiting more sponsors over the winter. With the SpecMiata series headed to the National Level and a new, televised ProMiata series, Mather will run a limited national schedule and a full regional schedule next season, with plans on moving up to a full national season and possibly the Pro Series by 2007. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring MatherMotorsport and the benefits to you please feel free to contact Phil Mather at CG-LockRacer@comcast.net.

Stay tuned for news and information about Team MatherMotorsport and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness Spec Miata.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc.

September 18, 2005: Clarkston, Michigan - Team MatherMotorsport attacked a new (to them) track this weekend. Waterford Hills Raceway is a 1.5-mile, 11 turn road course that is very hilly, and extremely physically demanding.

Having tested the previous weekend at an open track day, the team was armed with data and had the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata setup for the track when they arrived Saturday morning. Waterford Hills runs their races weekends slightly different than the typical SCCA weekend. Saturday is the normal race day with a qualifying session in the morning, then race in the afternoon. Sunday is different because there are two races; a morning race then a feature race in the afternoon. That’s right, three races in one weekend. The morning race’s starting position is determined by the finishing position of Saturday’s race. The feature race’s grid position is determined by the fast lap in Sunday morning’s race.

Saturday morning found the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata right up to speed, starting in third position, only five tenths of a second off of the pole position. When the green flag waved Mather had a slightly slower start, but still managed to hold his third place position. Going into the turn known as “Hill top”, Mather was side by side with Jeff Stevenson, with zero room between them. Everyone made it through without incident (other than a tire donut on the side of Jeff’s car) and continued. Mather was hounding the back bumper of Stevenson for the next two laps. Mather finally out-braked Stevenson going into turn six and moved into second position. He then worked on catching up to Alan Faitel, who is the track record holder and last years track champion. However, Alan had gotten enough of a lead to win, with Mather and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata capturing second place.

Sunday morning, Mather started outside of the front row, next to Faitel. He had a better start this time and was right on Faitel’s back bumper. Half way through the race, Mather got a run coming out of turn five, “Big Bend”. Mather was able to get to the inside of Faitel coming into turn six, and they were side by side for the next four turns. Unfortunately, the track narrows into the esses and Mather bounced off of a curb and lost some momentum. This allowed Faitel back into the lead. Mather was still close enough to keep Faitel working for the win, and held on for another second place finish.

The CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata was gridded second for the start of the feature race. With an excellent stat this time, Mather was pressuring Faitel from the start. Mather kept the pressure on for the entire race. One mistake and the Mather would be able to pass. But the mistake didn’t happen, and Mather finished a still impressive second place.

This was one of the best weekends of racing Mather has ever had. Three second place finishes at a track that he has never raced before, and keeping constant pressure on the track record holder is quite an accomplishment.

Thanks go out to the MatherMotorsport crew, Cory and Katie B., and Ben L. for their help this weekend. Also joining this weekend was David H., who raced at Waterford Hills in the past and gave Phil some pointers, Josh E., who got some excellent racing action photos, and Bruce Mather of CG-Lock. On Sunday, Giuseppe Del Giudice from Total Fitness Personal Training joined to watch the racing action. Without the support of CG-Lock (www.cg-lock.com) and Total Fitness’ training program (www.totalfit.biz), MatherMotorsport wouldn’t be having the excellent season they are enjoying this year.

Team MatherMotorsport will be making their next appearance at Nelson Ledges on October 15th. This will be their final race of the season. Stay tuned for the next race report!

2005 Still Plays with Cars Double Regional at Grattan Raceway

September 4, 2005: Belding, Michigan - Team MatherMotorsport and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata returned to Grattan Raceway Labor Day weekend for the 2005 Still Plays with Cars Double Regional. Grattan raceway is one of the most challenging tracks to be fast at. Every turn is either blind, uphill, downhill, off camber, or a combination of any of the above.

This race had a very large turnout, with over 25 SpecMiatas making an appearance. The field was split about 50/50 between SM (open tire class) and SMT (Toyo tires only). Mather was competing in the SMT class for this event. The SpecMiatas also had their own run group for this event, meaning that out of class cars would not be a problem like in previous races.

After a test and tune on Friday, Mather and crew had dropped almost one second per lap from their previous visit at the track.

On Saturday, Phil Mather drove hard to place the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata third in class, eighth overall on the starting grid, with a time that would have set the track record and gotten pole the previous year! Competition has been stepped up this season.

Mather got an early break when lining up for the first race. The car starting in front of him arrived late, and Mather got to move up one starting position (seventh overall, second in class). When the green flag waved, Mather got a very good start, gaining two positions going into turn one. From then on it was a constant battle with Shane Benson from AIM Tuning, Alan Faitel, David Watts - SMART Series co-founder, and Brian Post. Mather was right on Benson’s back bumper for much of the race, and swapping positions several times in two laps with Faitel. Mather was able pass Faitel when he missed a shift coming out of the hairpin turn. He was then passed by Shawn Slattery (who started dead last) headed into turn one. Two laps later he was able to get by Benson when he got sideways in turn eight, also known as “The Bowl” due to its steep banking. Since passing and driving a defensive line tend to slow down lap times, traffic from behind had a chance to catch up. He was also fighting tires that were near the end of their useful life. Mather was able to make his car as wide as possible for the last several laps to capture a third place in class!

On Sunday, armed with a better set of tires, Mather again qualified the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata third in class, but this time qualified sixth overall, having gained over 0.5 seconds on his previous best lap time. At the start of the race, the green flag didn’t wave. The field was not lined up properly coming up to the starting line and the start was waved off. The field slowed down and re-gridded for another try. Take two was even worse. The top ten cars were in a single file before the starter was even visible! This made the race officials very upset, and they blacked flagged the entire field in to the pit area, where they were given a not-so-pleasant talking to. The field then formed up, again, behind the pace car. The third time was a charm and the race was under way. Mather was again in a battle with the front runners. He had an excellent start and was running in second place in class after the first lap. About three-quarters of the way through the race, Shawn Slattery was able to make an excellent pass on the outside of the hairpin turn, dropping Mather to third position. Mather didn’t give up and was right on his bumper until two laps to go in the race. That’s when bad luck struck. This year, the team has been concentrating on fuel usage during the race. Well, with the two false starts and subsequent flying laps, Mather didn’t have enough fuel With two laps to go, the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata was starved for fuel. Had the two laps counted, the fuel load would have been perfect. With only a short distance to go, Mather backed off the throttle and upshifted, hoping to make it the last few miles to the checkered flag. He did make it to the finish, only losing two positions in the process, ending up in fifth place. The car then ran completely out of fuel on the cool down lap and he had to be towed into the pits. If that had not happened, a third place was almost guaranteed, and second place was within reach.

Phil would like to thank all of the competition for the incredibly close, but clean racing all weekend. The car came out of the race with no new scratches or dents.

Thanks also to the MatherMotorsport Crew. Cory B. was unable to attend, but put a new alignment setup on the car for this race and the improvements in lap times were obvious! Ben L. was at the track and a big contributor to Mather’s accomplishments for the weekend.

Also joining for the weekend was Steve Hopkins from Total Fitness Personal Training. Steve brought his family along to join in the fun as well. Big thanks for all of Total Fitness’s support throughout the year. Thanks to the program they have put together for Phil, he is able to stay sharp both mentally and physically throughout the races. His driving and average finishes have improved dramatically this season, and Total Fitness Personal Training is one of the main reasons! Check out their website at http://www.totalfit.biz/!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

2005 WOR Games at Mid-Ohio

August 7, 2005 - Lexington, Ohio: Phil Mather and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata competed in their fifth and sixth races of the SMART Championship Series (www.smart-series.com) at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (www.midohio.com) this weekend. This was his first visit to the track in almost a year, and without a test day, it was going to be a challenge.

Saturday’s qualifying was cut short by a visit to the sand trap after a small mistake in turn eleven. However, even with the shortened session, the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata still managed a fifth place qualifying position in class. With the improvements to the car that have been made throughout the season, and Mather’s exercise program with Total Fitness Personal Training, he posted a lap time that was over a second faster than his personal best at Mid-Ohio.

Mather had a very good start and maintained his position for much of the race. Mather passed Dave Watts for fourth place with about five laps to go out of the thirteen lap race for what seemed to be for good. Watts closed in when some out of class cars got involved with the battle only to drop back with two laps to go after a slight mistake. Mather had third place in hand. Unfortunately, bad luck struck. On the last lap of the race as Mather was passing a lapped car going into turn nine, it cut back across the track into his left front fender. This pushed Mather off of the track and into the tire wall, along with the lapped car. After what seemed like eternity, Mather was able to back the car out of the wall and slowly drive the last few turns to cross the finish line to a sixth position in class.

After returning to the paddock, the damage was assessed. With the help of his crew, Cory B. and Ben L., and the help of Dave Watts for the loan of a front lower control arm, Mather was able to get the car repaired for Sunday’s qualifying.

Mather again put the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata fifth on the grid for Sunday’s race. After picking up a couple of spots at the start, Mather ran in fourth place for most of the race, again fighting with Dave Watts. On lap six, Mather made a small mistake going into turn one, resulting in a spin at over 90 miles per hour. Fortunately, he avoided the sand traps and the tire wall and was able to continue. He managed to finish in fifth position, only losing one spot to the spin and maintaining his starting position.

It was a rough weekend, but Mather walked away learning a lot. He will be more than ready for his next race, Labor Day weekend at Grattan Raceway in Grattan, Michigan. It wasn’t the best weekend this season, but out of six races, five of them have been top five finishes!

As always, none of this would be possible without the help of Mather’s crew and sponsors. Big thanks go out to CG-Lock, Total Fitness Personal Training, Cory, and Ben for their help and support throughout the weekend.

Come meet Phil Mather and see the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata in person. They will be making an appearance at Total Fitness Personal training, August 27 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Total Fitness is located at the Country Creek Shopping Center, 7025 E. Michigan Ave., Saline, Michigan at the intersection of State Street and U.S. 12. (Click the link for a map): http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?ovi=1&zoom=8&mapdata=OehTi%2bkPVgTl4t5waEElJDt5XQXbqqG6aVUf4dBTtxD%2fyHdkZCCSETkca14lVpWxArPSEDdQdrTwcKF1QlIRSRQOjsmSI4x1o9Ih8gYFd2qUF%2b7xhxbYTperusHMlz2UhJU7%2b%2b3pqQaxKqculMszW3j5Z5on7aBO2b7lk0sgX%2fP9Q1OcbsCFUgqt2Lb2iECmmIVC5gnt0p%2f%2bWMoy9tdeSm581rx4lWXPmx976HAI%2fkxiMWYkH0TqTF%2bYWoqDpEq3qFCKwoxvlFOYgpjispX2NfJtA35UZxnAwZU8HBHyMn1CYbkrVi6ojJnpcoaQES5cETa6bKL8eEDYb8QVc4VQj%2fTcFJ%2f15FCdtFNDfa4Ww5Cs41DtHMHxZBt801fO8iLoPyy31YpkZ0JZ6SjERfDTPXV7uPc%2b8RC2LGNZ%2fmMzuLYSyXS4rpXo0sHUYFaDawhQCKiAM2qd2YXkavbB98cuAU7GtzCUM7sDP%2fJHhqU7vvVjEzseoWZWtkMVkLz%2fTJkk

Thursday, July 28, 2005

2005 SpecMiata Milwaukee Cup

2005 SpecMiata Milwaukee Cup

July 24, 2005 – Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin: The second annual SpecMiata Milwaukee Cup was held this weekend at one of the premier road courses in the US – four mile long Road America. Phil Mather and the #69 CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata made the long haul from South East Michigan for this event hoping to improve on last year’s performance.

This year, Mather had the benefit of a test day and the help of his crew, Cory and Katie B., to tune the car for the races. Testing showed that Mather was going to be competitive for a top ten finish, having dropped several seconds per lap from his lap times last year.

By Friday night, there were over 50 SpecMiatas in the paddock area, with several more expected. Saturday morning revealed over 70 SpecMiatas had shown up for just this event. Qualifying was going to be extremely important for getting a good finishing position. Drivers of all experience levels, novice to pro, come to this race for the thrill of racing at Road America, and the level of competition. With the car dialed in from the test day and a bit of good luck, Mather placed the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata on the outside of row five (tenth position out of seventy!) on the grid, and the third fastest 1.6 Liter Miata.

The start of Saturday’s race was full of extremely close racing, but very clean as well. Seeing 70+ SpecMiata’s head into turn one at over 100 mph is quite a sight. Most people made it through without more than a bump or two. Mather had a slower start with a few cars passing by turn five. However, once he got on pace, he started making passes to get back up to his starting position. There was always someone to pass, defend from passing, or someone to draft with. Drafting is very important to good lap times at Road America. Being four miles long, and having only 14 turns, the straights are very, very long. And with the SpecMiata’s only having 120 horsepower at most, drafting can mean being more than five miles per hour faster at the end of the straight. For those that do not know what drafting is, next time you are driving with your windows down, put your hand out the window above the rear view mirror. Then move it to behind the mirror. You should notice less wind resistance on your hand. Drafting is when you take your car, and get as close as possible to the person racing in front of you while going down the straight. There may even be bumping (called bump drafting) involved - at 115mph! At about the fifth lap, Mather was battling for position with Shane Benson of AIM Tuning headed into turn twelve, Canada Corner - a very sharp, 90 degree right hand turn. Canada Corner comes at the end of the fastest straight on the track. Mather misjudged his braking point by only a few feet and ended up going through the sand trap at the exit of the turn. But, luckily, he didn’t’ get stuck like several other vehicles did, and was able to continue. Now back somewhere in 20th+ place, Mather started making his charge forward once again. By the end of the 17-lap race, Mather ended up in 13th position; very close to his goal of a top ten finish. Since this is not the normal regional race that Mather competes in, the finish of Saturday’s race determined his starting position for Sunday’s race.

After a short warm up on Sunday, Mather was ready for combat in the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata. This time, Mather got an excellent start, moving up a couple of positions right away. For almost every lap of the race, Mather was drafting, defending, or passing somebody. With five laps to go, Mather was in a three-car bump draft going up the main straight, with him in the middle. Headed into turn one, the lead car in the draft and Mather went in faster than ever before. The lead car went slightly wide on the exit, getting two wheels into the dirt. Mather was trying to tighten his line to give his competitor room. However, at the exit of the turn, Mather and the #16 car collided side to side, resulting in a bent tie rod in the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata, ending Mather’s day. Mather limped the car back to the pits and had to park the car, unable to continue.

While having a disappointing ending to the weekend, Mather was still very positive about the racing overall. Mather proved that the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata and himself are competitive with some of the top drivers in the country. Mather’s next race will be at Mid-Ohio, in Lexington, Ohio. This is one of Mather’s favorite racetracks, and he is historically strong there.

Mather would like to thank his sponsors, Total Fitness Personal Training and CG-Lock. Total Fitness has kept Mather in top physical condition for this racing season. With this weekends races being double the normal length and with the weather being extremely hot and humid, Mather’s endurance was key to staying focused in the racecar. And when he is not on the racetrack, Mather uses a CG-Lock in his personal vehicles in order to help keep himself in control and more comfortable for his driving. The CG-Lock provides him with 80% of the holding power of a racing harness, like in his racecar.

Most of all, Phil would like to thank his crew. This year has been the best racing of his career thus far. Much of that is due to the help and moral support of his crew. Victory is not far away.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

South Bend Sprints at Gingerman Raceway

June 20, 2005 – South Haven, MI

This past weekend brought the best finishes ever for Phil Mather and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata. Gingerman Raceway (www.gingermanraceway.com) was a brand new racetrack for Mather, and there was a lot to do.

Friday evening was used for testing so Mather could learn the track and the crew could get the car set up. By the end of the night, it was clear that Mather was going to be competitive, posting lap times well within the reach of the leaders.

Qualifying on Saturday reinforced Mather’s confidence when he brought the car to a second place starting position. At the start of the race, Mather got a great start, and got into the lead until turn three. Rob Huffmaster was able to sneak on the inside of the turn and get by. Huffmaster, who has been to this race track many times before, was able to pull away from Mather, however. Mather then continued to drive a consistent race. When lapped traffic was reached in the middle of the race, Alan Faitel was able to get by Phil. The two of them battled for the rest of the race, finishing almost nose to tail. It was some excellent, clean racing and Mather brought the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata home to an impressive third place finish in class.

Sunday brought another impressive qualifying run, with Mather bringing the car to another second place starting position, with Mather being only one of a few people to improve their lap time from Saturday. Race two brought a very exciting start, with quite a bit of bumper banging going on behind Mather. Going into turn one, Mather was hit from behind, getting him slightly out of shape. He was able to keep control of the racecar, only to get hit again in turn two. This time he was pushed into the eventual race winner, Rob Huffmaster, and knocked him sideways. Huffmaster stayed in control of the car, and Mather was able to move inside. Headed into turn three, there was a four car battle for the same corner. Mike Neal was pushing on Huffmaster’s bumper and the two cars got slightly ahead going into the turn. Again, Mather was hit from behind, knocking him sideways through the turn. After letting the driver behind know his dissatisfaction, Mather was able to leave the battling pack behind to concentrate on keeping the cars that were ahead in his sights. Unfortunately, all of the bumping had knocked the alignment out on Mather’s car, making it more difficult to control. Mather teamed up with Mike Neal, in the SM class and both tried to run down Huffmaster, who was still within sight. Mather drove the car to the absolute limit, and kept the leader in sight for the entire race. At the end, Mather brought the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata home to a second place finish, tying his best finish ever.

“I’m disappointed that some driver’s can’t control their racecars very well, but I am very happy to get a second place finish with the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata!” With the help of his crew, Cory and Katie B., this was the best overall racing weekend of Mather’s career. First place is just around the corner!

Mather’s next race will be the July 23-25 at the Second Annual SpecMiata Milwaukee Cup at Road America, in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Last years race drew over 60 entries. This year there will be even more. CG-Lock (www.cg-lock.com) has once again offered CG-Locks for prizes and donations.

Stay tuned to www.cg-lockracer.blogspot.com for continued race reports and updates on the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Western Michigan Region's Circus Double Regional: Races 1 and 2

The 2005 SpecMiata racing season has begun! After a long winter of rebuilding the Number 69 CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata, Phil Mather and crew were ready to go racing!

This past winter, Ben L., Cory B., and Katie B. helped Phil tear down the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata all the way to a bare chassis. It was then thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and reassembled. Many worn out parts were replaced or rebuilt. The engine received a new head gasket and a new oil pan. The internals looked very good and did not require further servicing. The transmission received new shift forks and shift rods. A new competition spec differential was installed to help cure last year's wheel spin problems. And the most noticeable change on the car was the new paint scheme. The fender wells and engine bay were painted white to help with visibility while working on the racecar. The exterior of the car received satin black paint with candy blue accents to make it stand apart from the sea of red SpecMiatas.

Races one and two of Phil Mather's second season in the Sports Car Club of America's (SCCA) Central Division began with a strong start at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan.

Saturday's qualifying went very well for Phil and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata. He qualified a strong fourth in class out of fourteen SpecMiata Toyo (SMT) cars. (This year, there are two SpecMiata classes. SMT for Toyo tired cars, and SM for open tire cars.) Saturday's race was a good battle for most of the race between Phil Mather, David Watts, and Alan Faitel. The three of them raced very close and very clean for the entire race. Mather's freshened racecar handled fairly well, and brought him home to a strong fourth place finish. Not a bad way to start the season!

Sunday's qualifying was a bit harder than Saturday. Mather's tires were nearing the end of their life and were not giving optimum traction. However, he managed to bring the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata to fifth place on the starting grid. The start of the race was extremely tight with some bumper banging in the second turn. However, once the field got sorted out, Mather was battling with David Watts, Mike Neal, and Joe Woodward for position. The racing was tough and Mather started gaining on Watts, but the tires were almost gone. At the end of the race, Mather placed another strong fourth place in class.

Post race inspection revealed that there was some more work to be done to the car. The front tires were completely worn out, with cords showing through the rubber. Also, the alignment was not within specifications, which did not help the handling of the car during the race. Once these problems are addressed, the car will be much better, and Mather will be able to bring the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata onto much stronger finishes in the future.

Mather would like to thank Ben L., and Cory and Katie B. for all of their hard work and dedication during the winter to help with the rebuild. It would have taken Mather most of the spring and summer to complete all of the work himself. With their help, the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata made a strong debut.

Phil would also like to thank Total Fitness Personal Training (www.totalfit.biz) for once again helping keep him in excellent physical condition during the long Michigan winter. Mather has begun working out at Total Fitness's new Ypsilanti location. The new proprietary Circuit Training that they have developed has helped Mather build his core body strength and stamina in order to maintain optimum performance throughout the race.

Also, CG-Lock (www.cg-lock.com) has continued to support Mather's SpecMiata efforts. Mather will be giving away CG-Locks as race prizes and donations to SCCA workers throughout the season. CG-Lock's generosity and support of grassroots motorsports is very welcome.

Mather will be racing next at Gingerman Raceway, just outside of South Haven, Michigan. Stay tuned to http://www.cg-lockracer.blogspot.com for continued race reports and updates on the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata!