Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2005 Golden Harvest at Nelson Ledges

October 18, 2005: Warren, Ohio – The time has come for the final race event of the year for Team MatherMotorsport. Nelson Ledges Raceway is one of, if not the, fastest two-mile road course in the United States. Average speeds for a SpecMiata are upwards of 91 mph, and that includes a slow, 40 mph second gear corner.

Having done well at Nelson Ledges last year, Mather was looking forward to a great weekend of racing.

Saturday started off with some good news. Since there were so many SpecMiatas in attendance, they would have their own race. This meant that there would not be out of class cars to contend with or get in the way. Qualifying went very well, with Mather dropping over two seconds per lap from his previous best times. He qualified fourth out of 26 SpecMiatas. The start of the race was very tight and Mather maintained his position through the first lap. For the first half of the race, he was right on the back bumper of the second and third place cars, even helping with a little bump drafting on the main straight. As the fuel load lightened, however, the handling of the car started to suffer. Mather was able to keep the second and third place cars in sight, and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness scored a fourth place finish. Mather was also the highest placing car on Toyo Tires, and received first place points for the SMART Series (www.smart-series.com).

Sunday’s weather was quite a bit colder than Saturday, meaning changes to tire pressures and some spring adjustments were in order for qualifying. When Mather got out on track, the car felt better. But due to a large number of caution flags, Mather was unable to get a fast lap in and qualified in eighth position of 25 cars. The race went much better. Right at the green flag, Mather was able to gain one position and was battling for sixth going into turn one. By turn four, Mather made a pass on the outside of the turn to capture sixth. He was now right on the back bumper of his next victim. About half way through the race, Dave Watts, running in fourth, bobbled going into turn four. The fifth place Miata got by Watts, and Mather was then on the outside of Watts going into turn four. He was able to make the pass on the outside of the turn and pull away going into the Carousel turn. With four laps to go, Mather was able to get an excellent run out of turn 13 on to the front straight behind the #49 car. He was able to dive past under braking going into turn one with the car drifting on the edge of traction. Once in fourth place, Mather was careful not to make any mistakes and guided the CG-Lock / Total Fitness SpecMiata to the finish line. Once again, Mather received first place SMART points for being the highest placed Toyo tired SpecMiata.

Thanks to Ben L. for crewing throughout the weekend and to Cory B. for being available by phone to help guide the suspension adjustments.

Special thanks to CG-Lock (www.cg-lock.com) for all of their support this season. If you want the support of a harness without the hassle, put a CG-Lock in your street vehicle today!

Also, a big thank you goes to Total Fitness Personal Training. With their training routines and guidance, Mather was able to stay in peak physical condition throughout the year. This winter Mather will continue to train with Total Fitness to maintain and improve his fitness level so he is ready for battle next season.

Phil Mather is putting the final touches on sponsorship proposals and will be recruiting more sponsors over the winter. With the SpecMiata series headed to the National Level and a new, televised ProMiata series, Mather will run a limited national schedule and a full regional schedule next season, with plans on moving up to a full national season and possibly the Pro Series by 2007. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring MatherMotorsport and the benefits to you please feel free to contact Phil Mather at CG-LockRacer@comcast.net.

Stay tuned for news and information about Team MatherMotorsport and the CG-Lock / Total Fitness Spec Miata.